Prices and Packages

Where and How to work with Vanessa

Weekly Lessons at your Location

I usually work with new students once or twice a week depending on their horses training level. As students advance, we may move to bimonthly or monthly lessons and communicate by email or phone as the student encounters questions or challenges or has exciting breakthroughs.

Clinics - Quarterly

I also conduct quarterly clinics at Bricco Equestrian Center in Lake Geneva and teach at several barns in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

Remote Training- via Video

Recently, I have started working with students that are out of state by using video. They take a half hour video of their ride, and I upload it to a software program that allows me to analyze the rider and the horse in slow motion. I will send the video back with analysis and suggestions.


I am available to consult with veterinarians and other professionals on as needed basis.

Horse Show Coaching

In the Spring and early Summer some of my students want to compete. I will attend horse shows for coaching on a limited basis that does not interfere with my teaching and clinic schedule.

Referral to other professionals

As they need it, I have a short but excellent list of professionals I recommend to my students. These would include natural horsemanship experts, rehabilitation and nutrition specialists, equine chiropractors and massage therapists, vets, saddle fitters and farriers. One of my students also went to Europe to attend the Von Neindorf school.