Teaching and Training Philosophy


"Together we will achieve a sense of satisfaction and growth and, ultimately, the joy that comes with mastery and a respectful, loving relationship between horse and rider."  Vanessa Rachmaninoff

Horses by nature do not trust people. They are flight animals and the fact that they let us ride them at all is a testimonial to all the years that humans have spent trying to convince them that we aren’t like the other carnivores.

But, trust between horse and rider is essential to all good training. We must be reliable and dependable for the horse to accept us, and for the horse to learn and, one day, to share with us the very best they have to give. Our aids must be simple, direct and respectful. It takes years to gain a horse’s trust and, sadly, it can be lost in a minute.

My training is based on a deep respect and love of horses. After many years with them, I still see their beauty and their innocence and their desire to please us.
They teach us something every day and their lessons make us better riders, trainers and, most of all, better people.

My objective for my students is to help them learn in an effective and clear manner. I am there as a resource and coach for them; to help them learn from my experience and to help them understand the essential elements of riding technique and training. My goal is to also to help them find their own awareness. It is through understanding and awareness that we develop “feel” and become better and better riders. We do this all in the hopes that we will be able to float on our beautiful horses through a meadow with the wind in our hair all while not getting bucked off!

“A Good rider Prepares and Shows the Horse What is Desired and then the Rider Allows the Horse to Do the Exercise by Himself” Walter Zettl