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Vanessa stretching Tulpe forward and downward Marianka Sochanska
Anne, Isis and Vanessa
Victoria's first show at Paris Farms Anne, Isis and Vanessa
Tulpe loves stretching Happy and forward
Grace Paula and Partner
Louise riding Chromos Warming up
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Vanessa Rachmaninoff is a great horse trainer and riding instructor. She simplifies the large, overarching concepts of riding such as placement and intention of movement by using carefully thought-out, detailed descriptions and demonstrations of the correct form. Her instructions are always clear. She will double and triple-check to ensure safety, riding the horse herself before letting me get on to make sure the horse is not injured or skittish. Vanessa is also incredibly knowledgeable about animals and people, and it is easy to tell how much she adores working with horses. She considers the partnership of the horse and rider together, rather than just one or the other. Her expertise clearly reflects her forty years of riding experience. She will challenge me enough so that I learn an invaluable amount of information in each lesson, but I never feel overwhelmed. Vanessa is an excellent teacher, and I highly recommend her to help beginning or advanced riders improve their skill.
- Natasha 8/29/2011

Working with Vanessa was an amazing experience. Without a doubt she is one of the best instructors I have ever had. Her technical knowledge of dressage is really astounding, and it was effortless for her to share it with me. Vanessa has an incredible eye for evaluation, analysis, and correction. Even when I was unable to describe the problem I was experiencing, she would be able to see it and correct it. She was always able to tell me what I needed to hear in order to learn and improve. I absolutely trust Vanessa and her judgments, and as a result I feel my seat as well as my overall riding ability improved drastically. Since we had a lot of time to work together and I came to Vanessa after a break from riding, we began our work very slowly and focusing on the basics. Once my horse and I were strong enough, we were able to do more and more. The fact that she took the time to build up the relationship and partnership between the horse and me was invaluable, and allowed us to advance more than I think any other approach would have. I am so lucky to know Vanessa and I am very fortunate to have had the chance to work with her, she is the best!
- Marianka Sochanska, Adult Amateur