At Elegance Dressage we believe that each client is unique, having different levels of skills, confidence and goals. Our desire is to tailor packages to meet individual rider's needs and keep the sport of riding as affordable as possible. The information on this page are the standard packages that we offer, but keep in mind, your needs may be different and we will do what we can to create a program and package that works for you.

Client Packages

Lesson Packages:

One time Horse Evaluation: $80

Private Lessons:

Group Lessons:

$ 35 for 45 Minutes

Clinics Upon Request:

Minimum of 2 days required

Full Training:

Free Rider and horse assessment and one year training plan, evaluation with farriers and vets if necessary (billed separately). Monthly fee includes training five days a week consisting of 3 training rides and 2 lessons per week. Call for pricing details.

Training Rides:

Training rides for horses not in full trainig - $50.00. Please call for more details

Horse Show Coaching:

I coach students at horse shows as part of their overall training goals and help my students choose shows that are appropriate for their experience, level of training and their horse's abilities. Horse shows are just another way to learn and improve the students overall horsemanship skills. For students that do not have their own horses, I help them find share board partners that they can take to shows.

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